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Ania's garden

Here I'd be happy to share my second after cats passion :) It's our garden. It's not very big and I could exist without any plants untill March 2009 when I started to collect plants, to have some favourites... I love especially "village plants", sorts more common in old gardens of countrysides - Cl [>>>]

Cats in the garden :) 2021-01-01
Our garden is not safe if some of the cats would like to escape. So they spend their time outside only on the leash or in the catrun - it's the way cats are safe and can live with us long years... Here I'll put garden pictures of our cats and kittens, our "cat stuff" in the garden and cats in the [>>>]

Kids & cats ;) 2021-01-01
Here you can see some pictures of a child and the cats :) Below you can watch the film of our daughter and her best friend :) Here you can see the film of two years old girl kissing [>>>]

Milo.. behind the Rainbow Bridge :( 2014-06-01
Milo, our guard-dog and garden's destroyer <3 So short time with us ;(

July 2013 2013-07-30

June 2013 2013-06-30

June :) 2013-06-09

May 2013 2013-05-20
Spring was late this year :)

October 2012-10-20

september :) 2012-09-27
End of Summer...

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